World’s Fairs panorama, R. Isay – 1937


World’s Fairs panorama, R. Isay – 1937

Book written by Raymond Isay and published in 1937 by NRF Gallimard editions. Starting with the 1855 World’s Fair, R. Isay looks back on successes and limits of the successive World’s Fairs that have been held in Paris. This critical look at these key events of the XIXth century contrasts with handbook texts and proposes a thought on the achievements and their purposes, rather than a simple description.

4th edition, printed in july 1937 by the Imprimerie Moderne, in Montrouge.

in-8, paperback, 229 pages

Condition :
Good. Uncut pages, so they are as mint (You will have to cut the folded ones to read the entire book). Slight marks and stains on cover

Dimensions :
12 x 20 x 2 cm / Weight 210 g

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