Souviens Toi De Paris is midway bitween an antiques shop and a kind of parisian curiosity cabinet, looking like a fine souvenirs shop completely back from the past, with the following idea : to gather a selection of fine, rare, and old items in a vintage concept store fully dedicated to Paris.



The idea started to grow in my mind a few years ago, with the opening of an old suitcase simply stored in the attic that belonged to my family. Behind its delicious worn leather, this luggage was actually full of vintage ephemera papers and miscellaneous objects from different time periods. Among this clutter, a few old Paris souvenirs from the mid-century were there like waiting to cross my hands. As a parisian, these old documents and items representing the city, and just discovered with wonder, immediately arroused my curiosity and tickled my collector instinct. This lucky find sounded like an in irresistible call to seek more vintage and forgotten gems about Paris…

As new finds were made, by a relentless treasure hunt aiming iconic Paris fragments from “la Belle Epoque”, the roaring twenties or the mid-century, the concept became clearer. All these selected pieces didn’t had to leave the darkness of an attic or the dust of a garage sale to stay trapped in my drawers and trunks. I had to collect in order to restore and preserve them, then to put them again under the lights, and to finally propose the finds to other Paris lovers.

Some of these untraceable or hard to find pieces, sometimes still reproduced in contemporary souvenirs shops or even inspiring modern creators, are now available on this website.



A special thanks to my talented friends Hadrien Lopez & Philippe Ortion, who signed the visual identity for Souviens Toi De Paris, and to the skillful GAANDC agency, who realized this website. To preserve some of the paper pieces, i use to work with a few craftsmen. Some posters are thus restored and linen-backed in a workshop near Paris, before being added to the shop. For those for whom it does not, an estimate can be sent on request.



For any question, feel free to use the contact form on the dedicated page. If your question is about the shipping conditions or the hand delivery, you can also read our shipping page to get more details.