Paris 1900 Exposition, Hachette visitors guide with compass

Paris World’s Fair 1900 –
Published by Hachette & Cie, 1900

Visitors guide to Paris and the Exposition. This classic book published by Hachette for the World’s Fair 1900 will bring you through the event, providing details of its different sections, achievements and attractions in the part dedicated to the exposition. But this book remains also a fine travel handbook and gives many informations and precious advices to visit Paris : from the arrival in the city to housing search, with a description of main landmarks, monuments, and museums.

The particularity of this edition is the “Publishers tribute” inprint, left by stamp bellow the superb first page illustration. A rare orientation tool working with a compass is also attached to the book, at the end of it.

In-16, red linen binding, orientation system inserted at the end of the book. 484 pages

Condition :
Good. All pages in good condition, abated gilding

Dimensions :
13 x 20 cm / Weght 600 g.

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