Bastille Day ball on Faubourg Saint-Denis street, M. Rol – Circa 1916


Bastille Day ball on Faubourg Saint-Denis street –
M. ROL photo, circa 1916

When we talk about the Bastille Day celebrations, we must make special mention of the traditionnal and inescapable popular balls. Especially numerous during the first part of the XXth century, these popular celebrations were crowded everywhere in Paris. Often organized by the neighborhood committees or by wine merchants, whom were obviously stakeholders in it, they used to take place on the whole street to avoid the lack of places inside bars and concert halls.

This one, shot and stamped by M. ROL, brings together different generations for a soft atmosphere moment during World War I. Parisian people dance on accordions songs, under the Faubourg Saint-Denis street lanterns, close to the Saint-Denis gate and only a few meters before the crossing with the Metz street.

ROL Agency photo–
Original print, between 1914 and 1918

Condition :
Very good
Stamped on backside

Dimensions :
13 x 18 cm

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