Caveau du Chat Noir (Black Cat), old program – Circa 1910


Old program – Caveau du Chat Noir, circa 1910

The “Chat-Noir” (french for Black Cat) is an iconic place of the Old Paris, a reknown desappeared institution from Montmartre which still inspire fantasies. This fame started with the notorious cabaret established in 1884 by Rodolphe Salis, with its famous painted cat that became worlwide renowned. This “Black Cat” cabaret, set on the 12 of Victor Massé street, closed in 1896 when Salis died. It’s only a few years later, in 1907, that Jehan Chagot, president of the Joyeux Conservatoire de Montmartre at a time, opened the Chat Noir tavern on Clichy Boulevard. This was le last “Chat Noir”, which survived until 1933.

And this program, printed circa 1910, comes precisely from this Caveau du Chat Noir. It contains a text about the history of the originel cabaret and its iconic regulars, and explain the genesis of the new tavern. The main shadow theatre shows are also introduced inside while the actual program is written on the central folded sheet.

Héliotypie Ernest le Deley, 73 rue Claude-Bernard à Paris

Condtion :
Very good condition
Small dot stains and slight foxing

Dimensions :
12,5 x 25 cm

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