International Exposition booklet illustrated by A. Simon – 1937


Paris International Exposition program – 1937

This rare booklet present the International Exposition of Arts and Technology in modern life. It’s a short but richly illustrated program introducing the event, from its conception to the impressive future constructions, with also a projection of what will be kept from this international show while it hasn’t even started.

Held in Paris from may to november 1937, this International Exposition was intented to be a synthesis of all the mid 30’s progress. On retrouve donc dans ce programme des textes sur le cadre de l’exposition, son plan et ce qui restera de l’événement. It also contain the full classification list made by types and groups of exhibitors, include photos and illustrations, then give a description of the french section as well as other countries sections.

The illustrated cover show the Porte de l’Alma and its ephemeral buildings. This outsandingly modern cover has been realized by A. Simon. Featuring pictures from Laure Albin-Guyot, Baranger, Reboul, Chevojon, Salaun and Picard.

In-4 book, 16 pages –
Printed by Reboul & Fils in Paris, 1937

Condition :
Good condition
Some using marks and slight stains on front cover

Dimensions :
20 x 23 cm

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